Wednesday, March 12, 2008

'Powerful' Blogs

The Guardian has just come up with their list of the '50 Most Powerful Blogs'. Do you agree with their choices? What makes a blog 'powerful'--and, by that same token, how are you defining 'powerful'? Here are their top ten:

1. The Huffington Post

2. Boing Boing

3. Techcrunch

4. Kottke

5. Dooce

6. Perezhilton

7. Talking points memo

8. Icanhascheezburger

9. Beppe Grillo

10. Gawker


alexanderhayes said...

Here's another one to add to the list -

mike's spot said...

the fact that I can Haz Cheezburger is on there is probably the most awesome thing i've seen in a while.

Transplanted Lawyer said...

The Volokh Conspiracy -- the best and most intellectually satisfying blog about law out there.