Saturday, November 3, 2007

Further Evidence of Blog Power

In the Persian Press Watch box at the bottom of this page I spied the following quote:

Communications has entered a new era with the emergence of Internet and new technologies. At present, another phase has begun and that is the phenomenon of blogging. Weblogs have a significant status among Internet users, particularly journalists who can freely express their opinion away from any redline or censorship. Weblogs have now turned into an important technology. As we witnessed in the recent Myanmar crackdown, the role of weblogs is undeniable. Weblogs were the only instrument for people in Myanmar to communicate with the outside world.
Repression of Iranian blogging is something that Policy Innovations covered a little while ago, so it's interesting to see the state media now citing Burmese blogs as a communications lifeline for those struggling under an authoritarian regime.

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Anonymous said...

I've been at this on line stuff since 12/25/1980 - back when the TRS-80 was the big thing and the Apple II+ was making the news. I've run BBS systems for 18 years and seen it come a long way. There's no way to stop it - but THE GOVERNMENT CAN RUIN IT ALL!

If you think that what happened with Goggle is China is unusual, just wait to see what the Democrats are going to do to Bloggers if they get the chance.